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Improve Your Traffic and Ranking Using Fresh and Updated Content

Many webmasters are drawn to the possibility of passive income by simply ranking high on Google search. While there are websites that still rank with minimal (or even zero) updates from its owners, know that these cases are very rare. There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to Google’s various algorithms, after all. The keywords that you are targeting or are ranking for, as well as their corresponding competitors, would have to be considered as well. It has even been revealed that different search queries have equally dissimilar requirements for freshness.

Google has Confirmed that It Prioritizes Fresh Content

If there is one fact that should convince almost any webmaster to make sure that his content is up-to-date it is that Google themselves have said that they really place greater importance on new content. After all, Google gives a freshness score for every web page that it indexes. This score gradually decreases over time, from the time the page was first discovered by Google and placed on its index. The fact that Google has such a system in place is pretty telling of how important freshness is to a site’s overall SEO.

How Much Change is Actually Needed to Score High Freshness Scores?

It has to be stressed, though, that simply changing a few words on various sentences on your body text would prove to be futile as these kinds of practices rarely impacts the freshness of its content. If Google discovers that you did a lot of changes on larger bodies of texts in your content, though, this would surely cast a favorable light on its freshness. These are core parts of your content that, once updated, would immediately catch Google’s attention.

How Frequently Should You Change Your Content?

It’s not clear as to how Google sees the rate of change in a web page, but what’s certain is that a page that is being updated daily is scored differently from one that only introduces changes to its content once a year.

Do External Link Signals Matter?

There is strong evidence that supports new link signals as playing an important role in freshness as well. This has lead SEO experts to conclude that a web page’s freshness is not solely limited to its main body of text. This is because any change (increase, in particular) in the growth of external links to a site is viewed by search engines as a sign of not only relevance but freshness as well. It has to be noted, though, that the freshness score is still primarily based on what specific topic or news (e.g. celebrities that are getting married this week, recent discovery of a cure to cancer, etc.) these links are pointing to.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Google’s Freshness Algorithm should never make any webmaster feel daunted, at the least bit. In the end, what you really should consider when trying to keep your content as up-to-date as possible is that what counts as fresh content is almost always something that is relevant to your target niche, shareable, and was posted to impart new information. It just takes a bit of know-how, instinct, and anticipation to pinpoint just what it is exactly that people (and Google) would consider as newsworthy. Otherwise, you can always opt to keep yourself informed of current events or developments in your niche through various platforms online.

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Top Reasons to Choose WordPress as a Web Platform

WordPress is a great platform for those who have just started off their online venture or business. If you are new in the web development industry, you want a tool that can help you develop a website from scratch. No doubt, there are tons of powerful web development frameworks available on the web market, but when it comes to most flexible and user-friendly web platform, WordPress is the first name that strikes to our mind.

It is the widely used content management system on the globe. Over 75 million of websites powered by WordPress and is boasting around 69 % market share across the world. Well, these are just numbers, if you want to know more about WordPress, you should read this blog post.

Today, we will light upon on major reasons why one should choose WordPress for their new/next web project.

WordPress: A robust content management system

Choose WordPress as a Web PlatformWordPress commenced its journey as a blogging platform, but it has evolved throughout the years into a highly flexible content management system. As of now, you can use WordPress to create both a simple blog and fully-functional websites and web-based mobile apps.

It is easy to use platform that allows both the novice users as well as a professional developer to build a professional looking site in minutes. That is the reason why most of the world- recognized brands such as Sony, Disney, Google, Time Magazine, The New York Times, Facebook, CNN, etc use WordPress to create full-fledged websites.

Now, let’s explore why you should choose WordPress.

  1. WordPress is a FREE Web Platform

Yes, you heard it right! WordPress is a free Content Management System on the web. It means you can download, install, use and modify it at free of cost. You can use it to create anything- from a simple content-based website to e-magazine, corporate website to eCommerce solution.

It is also open source software, so you are free to study, modify and customize its source code. Plus, there are thousands of free themes and plugins to let you customize the design and functionality of website, without even generating a single line of code. You just need to download, install and use them on your WordPress site.

All you need is a domain and web hosting service provider. You can go either with Bluehost or SiteGround because both of them provide their users a free domain and 50 % off on their web hosting prices.

On the other site, WordPress has a huge and robust community of web developers, programmers, and designers. It means it is maintained by a large group of volunteers who can help you by solving your queries, answering your support questions related to the WordPress. You will get free support from other members that can help you run a site with ease.

  1. User-friendly platform

User-friendly platformMillions of people all around the world are using WordPress to create beautiful and user-oriented websites in minutes. The reason behind the popularity of WordPress is its user-friendly nature. It is easy to use platform that allows the non-tech savvy user to create and customize a website, without having any prior knowledge of any programming language. With the help of WordPress themes and plugins, you can create and customize a website the way you always want to.

If you want someone professional to build your site, you can hire a reliable web development company or an experienced web developer to help you get started.

  1. It offers tons of themes and plugins

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is that it offers millions of compelling themes and plugins (both free and premium) to help you enhance the design and functionality of a site from scratch, without any coding skills.

WordPress themes allow users to improve the overall look and feel of the site as per their requirements. The purpose oriented themes let you create anything – from a photography site to eCommerce site. There are plenty of customization options that empower to tweak the color, logo, background, headers, sliders, footers, fonts, etc of a site in a matter of few seconds.

Similarly, WordPress is blessed with tons of super-flexible plugins to let you embed additional functionality to the site within a blink of eyes. There are the bunch of high-quality plugins for adding extra functions such as Social media integration, contact forms, Live Chat, Registration forms, SEO-friendly, performance optimization, security enhancement, and a lot more.

  1. WordPress is Secure

Although there is not a fully-secured CMS tool available on the web, you can still rely on WordPress as a safe and secure web platform. It is built with the security in mind. WordPress rolls out its latest version on the web with some advanced features, security measures and also fixes the issues related to the WordPress installation to customization to security.

There are also tons of robust security tools and plugins that will help you protect your site against hackers, spammers, and other security threats. Sucuri is one of the advanced tools that monitors and encounters the security threats available within your site and offer you a more secure and protected platform.

  1. SEO-friendly

The code behind WordPress is of high quality, standard compliance and generates semantic markup to make your site more attractive to popular search engine platforms such as Google. This makes WordPress a search engine friendly platform. It means the content of your site automatically get indexed and crawled on the top of the search engine platforms.

But for better results, you can install a powerful SEO plugin that will improve your site’s ranking on search engines.

Final Verdict

These are some of the reasons that are enough to clarify that why WordPress is the best choice for web development projects. If you are looking for a platform for creating your website, nothing can be better than this. You can reap tons of benefits by using WordPress as your web platform.

Author Bio:

Maggie Sawyer is a WordPress Developer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Markuphq Ltd.. That provide best psd to wordpress conversion services to global clients. Connect with her on Google+ and Twitter.