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Perfect Tools To Tweak Performance of Web Animations

 Web animations are an integral part of web design. These play a pivotal role in providing an enthralling user experience.  Animations have literally overtaken flash and almost all the web designers extensively integrate web animations on a website. These animations along with the other elements of the web make it easy for the users to scroll through a website easily.

It doesn’t matter which language or technology, be it JavaScript, CSS3 or SVG that is used for implementing animations, at some point in time you will face the need to debug. Debugging is necessary as it would enable you to have a look at which is the root cause behind the laggy or jerky animations.

To make the task of debugging simple for you there are a few useful tools which I am going to showcase below. These tools are recommended by the leading developers and will enable you to make the animations bug free.

Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition is quite a handy tool that will enable you to easily debug transitions and CSS animations which otherwise is a cumbersome task. Especially in case of UI animations as the movement is really quick. The animation panel of the tool will enable you to go through a particular animation and also scrub a group of animations. This will enable you to see exactly what is happening.

Chrome’s Inspect Element tools

There have been a lot of tweaks and features which are being added to the Chrome’s Inspect Element tools. This has made the tool quite useful. There is no need to type everything manually to the text editor. With the help of the tool, you will be able to adjust the speed of animation easing with the visual cubic-bezier graph editor and a slider. Once the timing and easing of the animation have been adjusted you can enable the paint flashing which will enable you to identify and fix those elements which are being the jerky animations.


GreenSock is a tool which is perfect for debugging the JavaScript animations. The tool comes along with timeScale(value). This function is quite handy and will allow you to slow down the whole timeline which will enable you to view how the various things are actually interacting. The tool will also offer you another function that will allow you to find a particular place in time. The longer the animation will be, the tool will be more helpful for your overall workflow.


Canary Animation Inspector


The Canary animation inspector has numerous great features which include the editable timeline, playback speed control and playback scrubber that will enable you to have a good and clear look as to what all is happening in the code. You will be able to save a lot of your time by using the tool. There are numerous features which the tool offers you apart from the ones which are mentioned here.


CodePen is a tool that will flag any of the syntax errors. The typos which occur while writing the CSS animations will be avoided. The CodePen embeds are quite great while including the code in your articles, blog posts and presentations. If you get stuck due to an unexpected result then you can implement a simple check which needs to be done. You can set the CSS animations to single to {} declaration. This will allow you to make sure that all the elements which are animating will reach their final states.


In The End


All the tools which have been mentioned in this article are perfect for debugging the web animations. You need to decide for yourself as to what tool will be perfect for you while you begin debugging the web animations. Animations are an important aspect of web design and their implementation is only going to increase in the future.


So, which tool(s) are you going to utilize for debugging the web animations? I would love to know your views about the tool that you used for debugging. Also, in case I missed any of the tools that should have been mentioned above then do let me know about them. Please give your views about the article in the comments section below.



Author Bio:


Morris Edwards is a professional web designer singapore working for Awebstar, a leading firm in the field of Web Design and Development. He is a passionate blogger who loves to write and share everything about new web design technologies. For those who are looking to hire WordPress designer that can match pace with the competitiveness can count on Morris for it.

7 Signs that Your Website Needs Redesign

Someone said a website acts like your 24/7 employee. True and this is the website that makes your potential customer’s first impression of your business. Generally, we don’t want to invest in the redesign just because we’re attached to our website, though it can perform better later-on with a design refresh. If your analytics says the different story, you get fewer emails despite the good traffic and your marketing budget doesn’t turn into remarkable ROI, you probably need a redesign.

1 – You want to add videos and still have to do it the long way

The long way means that you are doing it the pre-HMTL5 way. HTML5 means that your videos may be added or streamed with a minimal amount of effort and code. Less code means faster loading, fewer bugs and maybe even faster rendering. So, if you are still using the old way of doing things such as uploading videos, then this alone may be the only signal you need to start redesigning your website.

2 – New code for things such as social media widgets causes bugs

This is a classic symptom of an old website that needs rewriting and redesigning. The newer code is not very large. You can even install comment sections with a minimal amount of programming. If this code is causing unexpected bugs, then you need to bring your website closer to the present and give it a redesign and an update.

The bugs they cause may be silly and easy to fix but are still signs that you should redesign. For example, a bug may remove color from elements below a widget you just installed. A savvy person would just put the widget at the bottom of the page, but a smart person would write a website redesign and update.

3 – You run a W3C Markup Validation and it does badly

There are a lot of W3C markup validation services out there and some of them are free. They are handy for picking up on outdated bits of code, or redundant code. If you do rather badly on one, then you may wish to consider a rewrite so that you can create a more up to date website.

4 – It has been 2 to 5 years

You redecorate your house every few years and shop displays are changed all the time. It is okay and probably wise, to redesign your website every now and again. Between every two to five years seems suitable. Do it too often and you will put off your core consumer? Do not do it very often at all and you will start to have a website that looks dated. Furthermore, your visitors may simply get sick of the sight of it and maybe more thrilled when a competitor turns up sporting a brand new and slick website.

5 – Your brand has evolved or your logo has evolved

Do not underestimate how often brands evolve. Have a look over some of the biggest companies on the planet. Have a look at how often the cola logo has changed, or the Pepsi one (especially). Look at what Apple’s logo used to look like. Even the boxes of McDonalds fries have changed in both design and logo. Your brand will evolve as time goes on. As your brand evolves, then so should your website. Your web design should change to suit your consumer demand and your website design.

6 – Your website is slow to load

This is probably because you are using a lot more code than you need to. It may also be because you have updated over a number of years and have picked up a lot of code baggage. There are a number of reasons why your website is running slowly, but a common one is because it has become outdated and needs a redesign.

7 – You run a compatibility test and it fails badly

There are debugging tests all over the place these days. It is possible to run compatibility tests for a very low price. Your website may need a redesign if it is having trouble working on a lot of different platforms. There are some tools that work better with browsers such as Firefox over IE, and vice versa, so it is okay if your website does not fair perfectly on all of them. But, there are a lot of platforms out there, from the various desktop browsers to mobile devices and such. If your website looks more like a desktop IE exclusive website, then it may be time for a change.

Dheeraj Sharma is a freelance writer at He is mainly focusing on technology, writing, and all the latest digital trends which are interesting for marketers.



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