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10 Channels for Small Businesses Online Marketing This Year

Everyone writes and blogs about trends and predictions for the coming year, so we’ll join the crowd. John Arnold wrote about ten online marketing trends on years back. We’d like to list them here and debate whether or not we agree with his assessment to “test, invest or rest” the tactics in the modern era of marketing. Many we agree on but there are a few we disagree with so here’s our small business marketing advice for 2018.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is useful because it’s all based on specially placed keywords that help your blog or Web site rank in Google and other search engines. People and businesses are going to continue flocking to Google to find everything that’s on their minds. But small businesses are still fuzzy on what makes a good keyword and how to use it to rank higher in searches. Add in the importance of long-tail keywords and you’ve got a situation ripe with confusion. Despite all of this, SEO is going to continue to be one of the biggest drivers of online marketing success for small business – and many know it. Plus, there are lots of places on the Web to help small business learn how to do SEO successfully (ahem, you’re at one of those places).

Paid Search: Also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), paid search is the sister of SEO. You still rely on specially selected keywords to drive traffic to your site, but instead of natural placement in Google, you’re competing for the paid placements and ads on the Google pages. PPC works but only if you’re spot on with your keyword selection. Although the prices will continue to come down, those little costs can certainly add up if you’re not on target with your keywords. Because there’s an investment where we’re not as bullish as John, but we still feel you should test it out.

Email Marketing: This is one area we both agree on. Email marketing is a great way for a small business to reach out to customers, existing and new ones, because of two primary reasons: 1) most people still prefer email as their number one source of information, and 2) it’s a relatively inexpensive way to do marketing. These two reasons, coupled with the big opportunities in newsletters for even stronger conversions, make us very high on this tactic in 2018.

Social Marketing: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and a host of other social networking tools came on strong since 2009, especially for small business. Every time I went to a small business in the last six months the owner not only told me he/she was highly interested in social marketing, but many of them were already using one or two tools. Look for social marketing to be even bigger in 2018 for small business because of it’s very inexpensive cost for marketing as well as it’s strength in local marketing focus.

Blogging: More small businesses now have blogs either to complement their existing Web site or actually to replace their Web site. Small business online marketing advice says either one can be an effective strategy, even for events promotions. But John makes a good point in saying blogging to drive traffic is different than blogging to drive sales. Using a blog to drive traffic is still a good idea. But even we’re not sold on the notion that you can set up a blog and all of a sudden turn your blog into a cash register. Add in the fact that a blog is most successful when it’s a community and you may want to consider putting on the brakes if you want your blog to be a sales machine.

Web Presence: This one is a bit interesting since it may not be what you think. Yes, having a Web presence is an important fact. John’s not debating this, nor will we. Where you place emphasis on your Web presence is the discussion here. In 2018, small business will have to change its way of thinking in that it’s all about getting traffic to your Web presence. Rather it’s more important now to place your Web presence where the traffic is. Do paid search on others’ Web sites or even places like, for example. If you know lots of eyeballs will be on other Web sites, you’ll want to consider placing your Web presence there as well.

Mobile Marketing: An interesting marketing platform that will get more looks in 2018 is mobile marketing. Some companies now have the technology to beam messages to your cell phone from wherever you may be headed. For example, if you are walking through the doors of a Best Buy, imagine if you all of a sudden get a text message on your phone that includes a Best Buy coupon. “Small business can take advantage of this kind of technology as well. It deserves more look, though, adding to responsive web design” says, web design Leeds team, Harrison Mann.

Podcasting: Ask yourself if you can name five podcasts or Internet-based radio shows/stations? If you failed to do so you’re probably in the majority. We like blog talk radio and we also like podcasting. But is it something you’ll want to focus heavily on for marketing as a small business this year? Probably not. Podcasting is a technology that has struggled to get on its feet and will most likely continue to struggle in 2018, and it doesn’t help that many small businesses are often intimidated about doing their own podcast. It may still be in its infancy with a bright future, but just not right now. There are some really fantastic shows on blog talk radio and you should put on your PR hat to take advantage of these.

Online Video: Not only are videos fun and easy to watch but with YouTube also a part of Google, videos are very searchable with keywords and tags. Small businesses should definitely be running to purchase video cameras like the Flip to easily produce videos they can post online. 2018 will be a big year for videos and online marketing.

Coupons: The use of tools like social media marketing and mobile marketing will make coupon offerings pretty innovative, intuitive and exciting for small business. Technology even makes it easy to utilize coupon marketing for local audiences, too. Even some “older” marketing tools like landing pages, which have proven their worth in providing great ROI for incentives like coupons, will continue in 2018. We’re bullish.

What are some of your marketing predictions for small business this year? We’d love for you to chime in here.

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Tools To Help Web Designer And Developer Work In Collaboration

The internet technology is developing at breakneck speed with each passing day. Therefore, entrepreneurs always look for professional web designers and developers to get their websites, eCommerce portals, business websites, blogs, etc, created in an easy way so that they can run a profitable business within a short time span.

At first glance, it seems like a decent idea that designers and developers should work together to complete the web development projects easily and quickly. The designer creates the design of the elements, chooses the color palette and typography, while the developer writes the code and prepares the materials to be used on live websites.

In most of the cases, they work on the same project in different manners which leads to disagreements between these two professionals. It creates needless hurdles in web development projects and causes delay in its final delivery to clients/customers.

If designers and developers work on the web development project in consultation with each other, they will be able to develop websites and web applications with good aesthetics, coding, and user interface.

It also helps them to reduce the amount of manual work and alterations and enables them to complete web development projects with a fast turnaround time without compromising the quality. All leading WordPress web design companies emphasize on a healthy collaboration between web designer and developers so that they can easily meet the growing needs of their clients and customers.

So, do you run a web development company? Are you looking for some tools to promote the collaboration between web designers and developers? If yes, then we have researched deeply and prepared a list for you. Just go through them one by one and pick the tools you deem suitable:

  1. Trello

Cost: Free

Trello is actually a great project management tool which allows you to easily collaborate with professionals working on your web development projects from distant locations. It has a customizable to-do list interface which allows you and your contributors to add different tasks that need to be performed without fail during the various stages of web development projects.

It comes with a progress meter, check-lists, and due dates. All these features help you to easily monitor the development of your project. Based on the report, you can easily estimate when you are going to complete the web development projects. The tool gets integrated with Google Docs, DropBox, OneDrive, etc. Furthermore, it has mobile apps as well, enabling you to supervise your web development team through mobile devices.

2. Invision


Do you run an IT company that provides various services? Feeling problems to manage the contributions of web developers and designers? If yes, use Invision-the world’s leading prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform- without having any second thought in mind.

This tool has commenting functions, design prototyping tools, boards, etc, which allows you to share valuable ideas with your team, seek their suggestions and complete the web development projects easily and quickly. It contains free user testing tools, which allows you to test websites/web applications from different angles (for cross-browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, UX/UI issues, 404 errors, navigation, etc,) and deliver the best-quality websites/web applications to clients.

3. GitHub

Cost: Premium

While working on web development projects, web developers create chaos many times. It negatively affects the usability and performance of websites/web applications in the long run. Why do you face such hassles when you the luxury of GitHub?

Actually, GitHub is a development platform where you can share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, etc, seek their views, review code, manage projects, and create software in consultation with other web developers. It also has GitHub apps and an intuitive API, which allows you to customize your web development projects and offer the desired stuff to your clients/customers.

It is very useful for new coders. They can get in touch with millions of other coders on the platform and easily learn how to write clean code to create amazing websites in an easy way. If you create WordPress templates for web design company with a business purpose, there are a lot of things you can learn from fellow coders and web developers.

4. Cage

Cost: Free (14 Days Free Trial) and Premium

Cage is a simple and easy-to-use collaboration platform. It allows you to share, comment, manage and approve all web development projects easily from one place. You can make comments on web development projects, track the revision work, and update your clients regarding the progress of their web development projects. This increase collaboration between web developers and designers and they become able to complete the web development projects in a timely fashion.

5. Zeplin

Cost: Free (for one project) and premium

Zeplin is a very useful Collaboration app for UI designers and frontend developers. Using this tool, both web developers and designers can work closely with each other, share design wireframes, give valuable suggestions and recommendations on web design projects, and ensure that every web design meet the specific needs of clients, customers, business organizations, and firms. The app easily gets integrated with Photoshop and Sketch, which facilitates two-way commenting with developers & designers and reduce the time required to complete the web-development projects.

6. Conceptboard

Cost: Premium

Conceptboard comes with the basic feedback features and an attractive board system with simple drawings, simple post-its, and images. Using this tool, you can give feedbacks on web development projects and get updates regarding its actual progress. The feedback system has social media capabilities which allow web designers and developers to conduct video calls, review projects and supervise the work easily and quickly.

Final Words

In order to complete different web development projects easily and quickly, a healthy collaboration between web developers and designers is mandatory. But, due to the different working style of web developers and designers, bitter conflicts take place on the workplace. It causes unnecessary delay in the completion of web development projects.

By using the above-mentioned tools, you can easily maintain amicable collaboration between web designer and developers and get projects finished in a timely fashion. You may go for WordPress design and development services if you need a helping hand that could create professional and eye-catching WordPress websites to propel your web-based business.

Author Bio:

Kerin Miller is a Web expert, associated with Stellen Infotech one of the best web development company wordpress theme providers around the globe. She has a lot of experience in development cust om WordPress and magento Themes. She has delivered an numerous range of quality products related to this. She has a strong passion for writing useful and insights about WordPress tips and tricks.

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