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Best WordPress SEO Plugins In 2017

The importance of SEO for a website or a blog cannot be ignored. Search engine optimization is a vital tool to improve the visibility and rankings of your site online. SEO plugins make the job of driving traffic to your website easy by improving different aspects of SEO. For everyone using WordPress for their websites, WordPress SEO plugins are a must to optimize the content and make it more understandable by search engines. Here are some best WordPress SEO plugins for 2017 which are extremely functional.

All in one WP plugin

This is the most widely used WordPress SEO plug-in pack. It is beginner friendly with its default installation settings. Without any knowledge of SEO, one can obtain high rankings by using this plug-in.


  • It has Google analytics support
  • Handy tips and help section is enabled
  • Adds alt tags to images
  • Configures Meta description templates
  • Disallows search engine from specified sections
  • Creates meta tags, meta description, and keywords for given content
  • Tracks duplicate pages


SEO by Yoast

This free plug-in accurately provides you with all the features required to optimize a website. The complete optimization panel allows the user to manage every element hassle-free.


    • It warns if WordPress blocks search engines
    • It has own navigation section with tips and help section
    • Configures Meta description templates and creates Meta tags
    • Helps to redirect attachments to parent posts
    • RSS feed optimization is enabled
    • Canonical tags are enabled
    • It can export data for migration and backups
    • It analyses page and provides tips
    • Provides SERP preview while typing

SEM rush

If you are in need to analyze your site’s state and factors which are blocking its growth then SEM rush is the perfect choice of the plug-in to be recommended.


      • It does position tracking of the keyword
      • Back link analysis and competitive analysis are given
      • Page per click and ad data are tracked and analyzed
      • Provides on-page optimization with site audit
      • Organic traffic generated is analyzed and displayed
      • It helps in content planning and presents data in a novel way


WP social SEO

As the name suggests, this plug-in helps your website to be user and social friendly. Search engines consider social media signals to rank the pages so this Plug-in captures that feature to get higher rankings.


      • It allows adding social media button in your web page
      • Adding snippets to existing content is easy
      • It works well with any other SEO plug-in too
      • It can automatically optimize your site for Facebook open graphs
      • Automatically adds Meta tags
      • Includes star rating system
      • Seamless integration of Google authorship with it

SEO Pressor

To generate organic traffic and optimizing blog posts with guided approach, SEO Pressor is the suitable plug-in for you.



      • Provides extensive keyword analysis
      • Generates comprehensive and search engine friendly posts
      • Optimizes images by adding tags and manages internal linking
      • Comes with the inbuilt keyword research tool
      • Analyses the content and provides a score
      • It has efficient algorithm which keeps track of posts and pages

SEO Ultimate

It is an all-in-one plug-in with robust functionality, versatility, and flexibility. Its features come in a module form which can be enabled and disabled easily.


      • Comes with an investigative tool as in how Google views your site
      • Gives total control over optimization
      • Rich snippets can be added to the content
      • Canonical tags enabled
      • Code and link box inserter can be enabled
      • Meta description and keyword editor are easy to use
      • Comes with competition researcher and internal relevance researcher
      • Author can be highlighted and easily share posts to social media

Gravity form

This is an extensive and feature-rich plug-in which allows the user to include polls, surveys, online orders, and quizzes.




      • A visual for editor to drag and rearrange
      • Can add multiple pages and forms
      • It allows user to accept online payments
      • It can build surveys and quiz
      • Allows CAPTCHA to avoid spam submissions
      • Responsive design for mobile views is enabled
      • It takes few clicks to schedule entries by controlling form availability
      • Accepts 3rd part post submissions through front-end enabled forms


Smart crawl

This plug-in is for users who want to drive traffic to their website without much hassle.


      • It has sitemaps which help search engines to find your site easily
      • Integrated MOZ for SEO reports
      • Customization of title and Meta tags and description
      • Automatic links for keywords is done
      • It excludes content from being crawled
      • Unlimited WordPress support 24/7

It is important to install SEO plugins if you want to stay on top of the competition even though the numerous plugins available in the market can overwhelm you. Try different plugins and choose the one which matches your style and expertise.


Author’s Bio: I’m currently working as Content Manager with SEO Experts India. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Online Reputation Management, Quality Link Building Tech Consultancy, etc.

Improve Your Traffic and Ranking Using Fresh and Updated Content

Many webmasters are drawn to the possibility of passive income by simply ranking high on Google search. While there are websites that still rank with minimal (or even zero) updates from its owners, know that these cases are very rare. There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to Google’s various algorithms, after all. The keywords that you are targeting or are ranking for, as well as their corresponding competitors, would have to be considered as well. It has even been revealed that different search queries have equally dissimilar requirements for freshness.

Google has Confirmed that It Prioritizes Fresh Content

If there is one fact that should convince almost any webmaster to make sure that his content is up-to-date it is that Google themselves have said that they really place greater importance on new content. After all, Google gives a freshness score for every web page that it indexes. This score gradually decreases over time, from the time the page was first discovered by Google and placed on its index. The fact that Google has such a system in place is pretty telling of how important freshness is to a site’s overall SEO.

How Much Change is Actually Needed to Score High Freshness Scores?

It has to be stressed, though, that simply changing a few words on various sentences on your body text would prove to be futile as these kinds of practices rarely impacts the freshness of its content. If Google discovers that you did a lot of changes on larger bodies of texts in your content, though, this would surely cast a favorable light on its freshness. These are core parts of your content that, once updated, would immediately catch Google’s attention.

How Frequently Should You Change Your Content?

It’s not clear as to how Google sees the rate of change in a web page, but what’s certain is that a page that is being updated daily is scored differently from one that only introduces changes to its content once a year.

Do External Link Signals Matter?

There is strong evidence that supports new link signals as playing an important role in freshness as well. This has lead SEO experts to conclude that a web page’s freshness is not solely limited to its main body of text. This is because any change (increase, in particular) in the growth of external links to a site is viewed by search engines as a sign of not only relevance but freshness as well. It has to be noted, though, that the freshness score is still primarily based on what specific topic or news (e.g. celebrities that are getting married this week, recent discovery of a cure to cancer, etc.) these links are pointing to.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Google’s Freshness Algorithm should never make any webmaster feel daunted, at the least bit. In the end, what you really should consider when trying to keep your content as up-to-date as possible is that what counts as fresh content is almost always something that is relevant to your target niche, shareable, and was posted to impart new information. It just takes a bit of know-how, instinct, and anticipation to pinpoint just what it is exactly that people (and Google) would consider as newsworthy. Otherwise, you can always opt to keep yourself informed of current events or developments in your niche through various platforms online.

Author Bio:
Martin Brown is the Marketing Executive of Top SEO Rankers based in New York. Top SEO Rankers evaluates and lists the top Digital Marketing firms and also gives SEO service providers a direct channel for prospective

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