Yahoo’s 360, from start to end


Yahoo sent alerts to its users on the close stating that they will be “focus our efforts on making your new profile on Yahoo the place where you connect with the people who matter to you most. As a result, you will need to move your 360 information to your new profile before this date. After July 12, 2009, your content on Yahoo 360 will no longer be accessible.” They have not yet released any information on a replacement platform for Yahoo 360.


Since its release in March 2005 it took little traction in the market place except in one country, Vietnam, where it became the largest blogging portal in use. Yahoo has released Yahoo 360Plus in response to its popularity specifically for the Vietname market.

All data and contacts will be permemately deleted upon the official close. Yahoo has recommended its users migrate the data to a standard Yahoo profile and save their contacts to another source.

Additional information on Yahoo profiles can be found here.